Shrinky Dinks, Make Your Own from Recycled #6 Plastic


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This episode of The Awesome Web Show is a change of pace from last week’s Fredfest.  This time we’ll share how to recycle plastic #6 (polystyrene) into do-it-yourself shrink art jewelry and crafts.  If you want to follow along in real time, you’ll need some plastic #6 (usually food containers), some sharpies, and an oven.

Don’t forget to comment and tell us what you made.  Also, do you like a few awesome how-to shows like this or should we just stick to funny?

Fred Web Show Videos


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My last post about Fred on iCarly was such a hit that I thought I’d share a bit more about the YouTube sensation Fred. I’ve created The Awesome Fred Collection with his Classics, Season 1 and Season 2 videos below. I’ve also provided links to the full collection of Fred videos.  Don’t forget to vote in The Awesome Fred Poll!

Fred Classic episodes: Fred on HalloweenFred on St. Patrick’s DayFred Goes to the ParkFred on the 4thFred Gets BabysatFred on Halloween 2Fred on ChristmasFred on Valentine’s Day

Fred Season 1 episodes: Fred on May Day, Fred Loses His Meds, Fred Gets Bullied, Fred Gets Detention, Fred Goes to the Dentist, Fred Stalks Judy, Fred on Father’s Day, Fred Goes Swimming, Fred Meets Bertha, Fred’s Mom is Missing

Fred Season 2 episodes: Fred’s Grandma Has a Secret, Fred Goes Camping, Fred Auditions For a Play, Fred’s Mom Returns, Fred: A Star in His Own Mind, Fred Sneaks into Judy’s Party, Fred Runs for President, Fred Tries to Ride a Bike, Fred Faces a Dirty Campaign, Fred on Election Day, Fred on Thanksgiving

UPDATE 03-25-09:
Fred Season 3 episodes + iCarly: Fred on iCarly, Fred Rescues the Neighborhood Squirrels, Fred Cooks for Judy

UPDATE: Our cat Periwinkle is now offering Fred T-shirts that will make your brain go crazy, like…

Fred Hey Tee

Fred Hey Tee

Only available at Hot Topic, this super cute Fred tee is full color and lightweight, and features his screechiness in one of his trademark awkward poses. Heeeeey! 100% cotton. Wash warm. Dry low. Imported.

Fred on iCarly


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Fred Figglehorn is COMING! He’s coming to iCarly on Monday, February 16th.

Questions you might have are:

“Who is Fred Figglehorn, or should I say Lucas Cruikshank?”

“How did Fred lose his Meds?”

“Why is Fred going to be on iCarly?”

“Why is Fred’s webshow so messed-up?”

“Where can I find Fred’s videos?”

I don’t know any of the answers to these questions (except for maybe the last one) so if you do, comment on these videos and tell everyone. Also, vote in my Awesome Fred Poll for your favorite. Thanks!

UPDATE: Our cat Periwinkle is now offering Fred T-shirts that will make your brain go crazy, like…

Fred Red T-Shirt

Fred Red T-Shirt

This red T-shirt has a black front screen featuring a cartoon image of Fred with his name above. 100% cotton. Wash cold. Dry low. Made in USA.

Listed in men’s sizes.

Miranda Cosgrove & Sugababes: About You Now!


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I really like Miranda Cosgrove‘s “About You Now” song, but did you know another group (Sugababes) recorded the same song? I’ve included both music videos below and a poll for you to vote for your favorite version!