Cute Giraffe Dress-Up


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UPDATE: I used to have the game embedded here, but it kept automatically playing an ad everytime. You can still play it by clicking the link below.
Click to Play Cute Giraffe Dress-up!

Julia Dales vs. Where’s the Chapstick?!?


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Welcome to The Awesome Beatbox Championship, where you get to decide the final (and only) battle between Julia Dales (Beatbox World Online Champion) and Where’s the Chapstick?!?  Watch ’em both and vote for your favorite…and don’t hesitate to share any comments 😉

How to Make a Webshow


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So you want to make a webshow, but don’t know how, huh?  Now that iCarly ditched all of her how-to videos (at least for now), what’s a future webshow superstar to do?  Well, you could study all the how-to articles out there for webshows, or…you can checkout Awesome Web Show’s “How to Make a Webshow, in <60 seconds” below.  It’s no masterpiece, but it should work for “accelerated learners” — literally!

If you already have your own webshow, feel free to share its address in the comments below — but only with a tip or two for others…