Guitar Hero Christmas Lights


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We’ve all seen those Christmas light displays with music, but have you seen the family that turned their house into a gigantic Guitar Hero game? This is one the best Christmas light videos we’ve seen for 2009.

Sam Tsui Sings Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson & More…


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Sam Tsui has created some great videos of his singing, sometimes partnering with Kurt Schneider and sometimes partnering with himself — you’ll see what we mean:

Sam Tsui Sings Lady Gaga Medley

Sam Tsui Sings Michael Jackson Medley

Sam Tsui sings a whole bunch of stuff (playlist)



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Hey people! Check out this website, it’s…special? Anyways, click on the the link below!

This Is The Link You Need To Click On!

I hope you like it!

Fred on Hannah Montana


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Lucas Cruikshank (Fred Figglehorn) is scheduled to be on Hannah Montana tonight, but it looks like there are plenty of Fred + Hannah Montana videos floating around already. ┬áHere’s a small collection for those Fred fanatics who couldn’t get enough from tonight’s episode “Come Fail Away“: