Justin Bieber Glass Door


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It seems Justin Bieber was so distraught by our recent Bieber Fever post and parodies that he’s now walking into glass doors…we’ll file this under Bieber FAIL and hope he’s alright!

Bieber Fever


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baby justin bieberIt’s an epidemic of global proportions…Bieber Fever is coming for you. This post is for those fortunate souls with immunity. Enjoy this parody of Justin Bieber’s Baby and share with your friends who need a cure.

In case you were wondering what those Justin Bieber Baby lyrics mean:

And, for those who are still infected with the Bieber Fever…enjoy the official Justin Bieber Baby video:

Baby Tile Slide to Hamster Dance


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Is this magical baby tile side awesome or awful? You decide! If you think the Hamster Dance song is funny, you should hear the original soundtrack from this tile sliding baby…

Jack Black on Yo Gabba Gabba


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What do you think of Jack Black’s dance on Yo Gabba Gabba?

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