Double Rainbow Guy & Song


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If you’ve ever seen a full on double rainbow all the way, you know it’s pretty intense — but did you actually cry like this guy? No offense to people that cry at rainbows, but wow…and who would guess that he (hungrybear9562) is also a cage fighter?!? Nature FTW!

That double rainbow video is so good, it spawned its own auto-tune Double Rainbow Song. We like it…what say you?

OK Go: This Too Shall Pass, Music Video (Rube Goldberg Machine)


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OK Go always has great videos, but we thought their music video for This Too Shall Pass was in another league.  It’s the largest Rube Goldberg machine we’ve ever seen.  Have you seen one bigger or better?

Southern Fried Studio!


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Hey peepsles!
I recently discovered this artist and loved their paintings. I bought one and posted it’s picture below for all to see (I hope they don’t mind)! I was excited to find that this artist had a website and checked it out — only to find that it was launching July 1st. Unfortunately on July 4th, I found out that due to updates the website will be opening in August. Here is the link for you to bookmark and await the awesomeness to come!

I’m going to email the artist and see if I can get some pictures to share prior to the website launch. What do you think of this one picture I bought?

Southern Fried Studios Photo

My Southern Fried Studio Painting


Krissy has a new friend! Recently I bought another painting from SouthernFriedStudio, and his name is Peter. He is now happily hanging in my room right below Krissy! Here is a pic of Peter and Krissy together:

And here is Peter by himself:

I also got an extra painting called ‘Gather Friends’ which is shown here:

And here’s the back:

And once again in it’s natural habitat:

Oh…and is now officially live!