Pinecone Bird Feeder


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Riley Quinn shows how to make a pine cone bird feeder in just two steps. This is a fun DIY craft project for the spring that only requires pine cones, string, peanut butter and bird seeds. Let us know how it goes if you try at home!

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How to Make a Webshow


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So you want to make a webshow, but don’t know how, huh?  Now that iCarly ditched all of her how-to videos (at least for now), what’s a future webshow superstar to do?  Well, you could study all the how-to articles out there for webshows, or…you can checkout Awesome Web Show’s “How to Make a Webshow, in <60 seconds” below.  It’s no masterpiece, but it should work for “accelerated learners” — literally!

If you already have your own webshow, feel free to share its address in the comments below — but only with a tip or two for others…

Shrinky Dinks, Make Your Own from Recycled #6 Plastic


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This episode of The Awesome Web Show is a change of pace from last week’s Fredfest.  This time we’ll share how to recycle plastic #6 (polystyrene) into do-it-yourself shrink art jewelry and crafts.  If you want to follow along in real time, you’ll need some plastic #6 (usually food containers), some sharpies, and an oven.

Don’t forget to comment and tell us what you made.  Also, do you like a few awesome how-to shows like this or should we just stick to funny?