How to Make a Webshow


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So you want to make a webshow, but don’t know how, huh?  Now that iCarly ditched all of her how-to videos (at least for now), what’s a future webshow superstar to do?  Well, you could study all the how-to articles out there for webshows, or…you can checkout Awesome Web Show’s “How to Make a Webshow, in <60 seconds” below.  It’s no masterpiece, but it should work for “accelerated learners” — literally!

If you already have your own webshow, feel free to share its address in the comments below — but only with a tip or two for others…

Fred on iCarly


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Fred Figglehorn is COMING! He’s coming to iCarly on Monday, February 16th.

Questions you might have are:

“Who is Fred Figglehorn, or should I say Lucas Cruikshank?”

“How did Fred lose his Meds?”

“Why is Fred going to be on iCarly?”

“Why is Fred’s webshow so messed-up?”

“Where can I find Fred’s videos?”

I don’t know any of the answers to these questions (except for maybe the last one) so if you do, comment on these videos and tell everyone. Also, vote in my Awesome Fred Poll for your favorite. Thanks!

UPDATE: Our cat Periwinkle is now offering Fred T-shirts that will make your brain go crazy, like…

Fred Red T-Shirt

Fred Red T-Shirt

This red T-shirt has a black front screen featuring a cartoon image of Fred with his name above. 100% cotton. Wash cold. Dry low. Made in USA.

Listed in men’s sizes.