One Direction Harry Styles


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What’s your favorite One Direction Harry Styles video? If it’s not here, please share a link in the comments?

Harry Styles, One Direction, Answers Twitter Questions

TWIST Exclusive: 5 Days with One Direction! Harry Styles

One Direction a Year in The Making – Harry Styles crying

Pattycake Cats


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Y’all seemed to like our last cat video so much, here’s another one. Which is cuter?

Back to School Win a Ninja Contest!


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win a ninja

To ease the shock of waking up early and working late for school, after the 2010 Summer of Awesome; The Awesome Web Show is kicking off our Back to School Win a Ninja Contest. As much as we’d like to give away a real Ninja, we think there are laws against that, so we’re giving away the next best thing: “Super Epic Awesome FTW Ninjas with 1 Crazy-Odd Stitch”… ninjas

So, how do you win one of these “Super Epic Awesome FTW Ninjas with 1 Crazy-Odd Stitch”… ninjas?

    1) Watch our video below, showing how to make a Ninja Scruffie (Plush); just in case you don’t win one.
    2) Share a link to this contest ( far and wide, via twitter, buzz, facebook and other networks — every share counts as an entry.  The “Share and Enjoy” buttons above make it easy.  Note, if you share via a blog post of your own (not just a status update), that counts as two entries — but all sharing of this link must be searchable by google, facebook, twitter or other search tools (so we can actually find your entries).
    3) Write a comment on this post telling us where you shared this and provide the link.
    4) Repeat…multiple entries are encouraged!

One or more winners will be selected after September 30 by random drawing of all valid entries.

So what are you waiting for…get started by checking out the video below and sharing with your friends — you just might Win your very own Ninja!

The Dad’s Life


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My cousin just showed me this video and I had to post it immediately. It’s great and (kinda true). 🙂

FRED: The Movie


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So you may have heard that Fred is coming out with a totally NEW movie on Nickelodeon! I don’t know about you but I am totally excited for the opening in September. Now I can say I really have met a Moviestar! You can see my Fred (Lucas Cruikshank) interview vids here:

Awesome Fred Interview

Lucas Cruikshank Interview, with Retainer Boy

– Interview with Fred

The Awesome Fred Interview, Outtakes & Bloopers

Here’s the trailer for Fred: The Movie, if you haven’t already seen it. Comment whether or not you’re going to see it!

Double Rainbow Guy & Song


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If you’ve ever seen a full on double rainbow all the way, you know it’s pretty intense — but did you actually cry like this guy? No offense to people that cry at rainbows, but wow…and who would guess that he (hungrybear9562) is also a cage fighter?!? Nature FTW!

That double rainbow video is so good, it spawned its own auto-tune Double Rainbow Song. We like it…what say you?

Southern Fried Studio!


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Hey peepsles!
I recently discovered this artist and loved their paintings. I bought one and posted it’s picture below for all to see (I hope they don’t mind)! I was excited to find that this artist had a website and checked it out — only to find that it was launching July 1st. Unfortunately on July 4th, I found out that due to updates the website will be opening in August. Here is the link for you to bookmark and await the awesomeness to come!

I’m going to email the artist and see if I can get some pictures to share prior to the website launch. What do you think of this one picture I bought?

Southern Fried Studios Photo

My Southern Fried Studio Painting


Krissy has a new friend! Recently I bought another painting from SouthernFriedStudio, and his name is Peter. He is now happily hanging in my room right below Krissy! Here is a pic of Peter and Krissy together:

And here is Peter by himself:

I also got an extra painting called ‘Gather Friends’ which is shown here:

And here’s the back:

And once again in it’s natural habitat:

Oh…and is now officially live!

Bieber Fever


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baby justin bieberIt’s an epidemic of global proportions…Bieber Fever is coming for you. This post is for those fortunate souls with immunity. Enjoy this parody of Justin Bieber’s Baby and share with your friends who need a cure.

In case you were wondering what those Justin Bieber Baby lyrics mean:

And, for those who are still infected with the Bieber Fever…enjoy the official Justin Bieber Baby video:

Marion Rolland: Olympic Fail


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Marion Rolland, Vancouver Olympics, Ski chute video

All Your Base… Part 2


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To add to the previous All Your Base post, I have searched Youtube for my new favorite All Your Base remix videos.

All Your Base Chipmunk: Everyone has seen this crazy chipmunk before, and now he’s back again to perform All Your Base.

Miss South Carolina All Your Base: Miss South Carolina explains to the audience the subtitles of All Your Base…

All Your Base Techno Remix: The original with a Techno twist and English voices, uh, well Engrish.