Charlie The Unicorn 3: Sea Creatures Love You


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Less than a week after sharing Charlie The Unicorn 1: Candy Mountain and Charlie The Unicorn 2: Banana King, here comes Charlie The Unicorn 3 — including Snowman, Narwhal of Death, Oh My God It’s a Whale, Starfish Loves You, Ring Ring Hello, Grab Onto our Tongues, The Door Can See into Your Soul, and, last but not least, Gotta Be Sneaky legs ?!?!? This episode’s theme song is “Sea Creatures Love You”. We think we like this one the best…what about you?

Periwinkle says “no sea creature goodies yet, but you can always Shun the Non-Believer!”

Charlie The Unicorn Shun The Non-Believer Tee Charlie The Unicorn Shun The Non-Believer Tee

Watch your kidneys, Charlie! This fitted white tee features Charlie and the other unicorns, with rainbows, hearts, bolts and “Shun the non-believer! Shun!” 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Wash warm. Dry low. Imported.

There is now a poll so that you can vote on your favorite Charlie the Unicorn video. So start VOTING!

Charlie The Unicorn


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If you haven’t already seen Charlie and the Candy Mountain, you’re missing something really…really…really…strange. I’ve embedded both Charlie The Unicorn 1 (Candy Mountain) and Charlie The Unicorn 2 (Banana King) below. What does it all mean? Oh, and shun the non-believer!!!

UPDATE: Our cat Periwinkle is now selling even more good stuff. She got her paws on some awesome new Charlie the Unicorn T-shirts, linked below!

Charlie The Unicorn Candy Rainbow T-Shirt Charlie The Unicorn Candy Rainbow T-Shirt

They took Charlie’s freakin’ kidney!

UPDATE: Charlie the Unicorn 3 is out…enjoy and remember sea creatures love you!!!