Justin Bieber Glass Door


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It seems Justin Bieber was so distraught by our recent Bieber Fever post and parodies that he’s now walking into glass doors…we’ll file this under Bieber FAIL and hope he’s alright!

FAIL Blog: Best FAIL Videos


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We love the mindless fun over at Fail Blog, and included some of the most viewed FAILs here. Do you have a favorite FAIL video? If so, share a link in the comments and we’ll post the best!

Wii Fail: ever wonder what happens if you forget to wear that Wii wrist strap for your wii remote?

Dance Fail: some dance moves are best saved for the dance floor…

Pen Trick Fail: lamp, meet pen

Parking Exit Fail: I guess that exit door goes up and down too fast…or is that too slow?