Lucas Cruikshank Interview, plus Retainer Boy


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After teasing you with The Awesome Fred Interview video a couple weeks back, here’s another part of that exclusive interview with Teen Choice Award winner Lucas Cruikshank.  Wanna see more, let us know in the comments and check back often — there’s more to come!

Just in case you were wondering who Retainer Boy was (mentioned in the interview), here’s a peek. Funny, but kinda hard to watch for too long…

Fred at Teen Choice Awards


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With Fred Figglehorn-mania about to hit the Teen Choice Awards 2009, this seemed like a great time to payback some of the love Fred has provided The Awesome Web Show. If you haven’t already voted for Fred, make sure you head over to and give him a last-minute push. Here’s Fred’s plea to vote and look for him at the awards show!

At this point, you may be wondering “What’s Fred ever done for The Awesome Web Show?” Well, the video below provides just a taste of what we’re talking about. Savor this morsel and check back often because there’s plenty more to come, including a behind-the-interview story you won’t want to miss!

Joe Jonas Dances to Single Ladies


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Joe Jonas like you’ve never seen him before, dancing to Beyonce Single Ladies…in heels…O…M…G…

Julia Dales vs. Where’s the Chapstick?!?


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Welcome to The Awesome Beatbox Championship, where you get to decide the final (and only) battle between Julia Dales (Beatbox World Online Champion) and Where’s the Chapstick?!?  Watch ’em both and vote for your favorite…and don’t hesitate to share any comments 😉

How to Make a Webshow


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So you want to make a webshow, but don’t know how, huh?  Now that iCarly ditched all of her how-to videos (at least for now), what’s a future webshow superstar to do?  Well, you could study all the how-to articles out there for webshows, or…you can checkout Awesome Web Show’s “How to Make a Webshow, in <60 seconds” below.  It’s no masterpiece, but it should work for “accelerated learners” — literally!

If you already have your own webshow, feel free to share its address in the comments below — but only with a tip or two for others…

Fred’s Real Voice, April Fool’s, Fred Goes to the Doctor and Fred Throws a Party


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Fred’s real voice can be heard in this Fred channel video thanking everyone for passing the million subscriber mark. It’s the only Fred channel video we know that shares his (Lucas Cruikshank) real voice.

He also posted a funny new episode where he pranks Kevin and Judy : Fred on April Fool’s Day

Periwinkle sez: kitty needs a new collar…get ur very own Hot Topic Fred shirts at The Awesome Fred T-shirt Store.

UPDATE: Fred’s added a couple more episodes worth watching, enjoy:

Fred Goes to the Doctor

Fred Throws a Party

Rhett and Link Webshow


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Rhett and Link are two guys from North Carolina (we used to live there!) and they’re crazy (and talented).  They’ve created a bunch of comedy and music videos — the best are some combination of the two.  Here’s a few examples: The Fast Food Folk Song (at Taco Bell), The BBQ Song, The ShamWOW Song and PhatDippin’ (including a Sanyo Xacti $10,000 contest). Let us know your favorite Rhett and Link song/video in the comments!


Charlie The Unicorn 3: Sea Creatures Love You


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Less than a week after sharing Charlie The Unicorn 1: Candy Mountain and Charlie The Unicorn 2: Banana King, here comes Charlie The Unicorn 3 — including Snowman, Narwhal of Death, Oh My God It’s a Whale, Starfish Loves You, Ring Ring Hello, Grab Onto our Tongues, The Door Can See into Your Soul, and, last but not least, Gotta Be Sneaky legs ?!?!? This episode’s theme song is “Sea Creatures Love You”. We think we like this one the best…what about you?

Periwinkle says “no sea creature goodies yet, but you can always Shun the Non-Believer!”

Charlie The Unicorn Shun The Non-Believer Tee Charlie The Unicorn Shun The Non-Believer Tee

Watch your kidneys, Charlie! This fitted white tee features Charlie and the other unicorns, with rainbows, hearts, bolts and “Shun the non-believer! Shun!” 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Wash warm. Dry low. Imported.

There is now a poll so that you can vote on your favorite Charlie the Unicorn video. So start VOTING!

Snape, Snape, Severus Snape


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Potter Pals and the Mysterious Ticking Noise is a catchy, Harry-Potter themed video. What is that mysterious ticking noise anyways? Watch this video to find out!

Charlie The Unicorn


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If you haven’t already seen Charlie and the Candy Mountain, you’re missing something really…really…really…strange. I’ve embedded both Charlie The Unicorn 1 (Candy Mountain) and Charlie The Unicorn 2 (Banana King) below. What does it all mean? Oh, and shun the non-believer!!!

UPDATE: Our cat Periwinkle is now selling even more good stuff. She got her paws on some awesome new Charlie the Unicorn T-shirts, linked below!

Charlie The Unicorn Candy Rainbow T-Shirt Charlie The Unicorn Candy Rainbow T-Shirt

They took Charlie’s freakin’ kidney!

UPDATE: Charlie the Unicorn 3 is out…enjoy and remember sea creatures love you!!!