Charlie Webshow: Duet with Myself & Fun Science


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For those of you paying attention, the Awesome Web Show has had a great relationship with Fred, bringing him a bunch of young new viewers, managing the Awesome Fred Collection and even being granted an interview at his home. We’re hoping to start something similar with the British YouTube vlogger Charlie McDonnell of CharlieIsSoCoolLike. He’s got some great videos, like the two below. Let us know in the comments which video you like better? ¬†Would you like to see more?

Duet With Myself

Fun Science: Sound

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i really think you guys need some work totally

it an ok video

u need some work dude u stink

you guys are funny!

Think your funny, its not a bad show

u stink dude

Terrible show!

ehh! it ok

So Cute. I just started my own web show. Mine are not as good as yours yet. I am still learning. Please see mine and tell me what you think.


well your good

wow that is cool