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Fred Figglehorn is COMING! He’s coming to iCarly on Monday, February 16th.

Questions you might have are:

“Who is Fred Figglehorn, or should I say Lucas Cruikshank?”

“How did Fred lose his Meds?”

“Why is Fred going to be on iCarly?”

“Why is Fred’s webshow so messed-up?”

“Where can I find Fred’s videos?”

I don’t know any of the answers to these questions (except for maybe the last one) so if you do, comment on these videos and tell everyone. Also, vote in my Awesome Fred Poll for your favorite. Thanks!

UPDATE: Our cat Periwinkle is now offering Fred T-shirts that will make your brain go crazy, like…

Fred Red T-Shirt

Fred Red T-Shirt

This red T-shirt has a black front screen featuring a cartoon image of Fred with his name above. 100% cotton. Wash cold. Dry low. Made in USA.

Listed in men’s sizes.

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Wasn’t the Fred iCarly the best one of all time!!!!! I LOVE FRED!!!! He sounds weird when he is not fred though. CAbbages!

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OMG! i think Fred is totally awesomely insane!!!!!!!!

The Fred Goes to the Pool video is the AWESOMEST!!!!!!!!!!

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Does anyone know the real dudes last name!
All i know is LUCAS


fred lost his meds cuz his mom took em

ur so funny and cute

omg fred … u rock so so so so much … i love ur scream … i love your voice … itz all so cool!

OMG! Fred, you are amazing! i can do the voice just like yours! cool! keep on making videos, we all love them! that was cool that you were on iCarly, too! the last video on iCarly was HALARIOUS!!
LUV (your #1 fan)
i am a Fred Fan!

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Fred is soo amazing and abs the cutest guy in the world! me and my friend love himmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥

omg so fred is the most ahhh-maz-ing person out there. i love him sooo much. im deff. his number 1 fan. ur soooo adorable,cute n 🙂 idk what else but i would love love love 2 meet him in person. hes sooo wow i just dont even know what 2 say. but fred(luke) if u read this i love u sooo much ur sooo adorable:)

o my god! i looove lucas to death! he is so hot! if u read this lucas, im 12, single and in love with you! as ”fred” would say, peace out home dog!

I only started watching the Fred vids and they are totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fred’s videos are awesome! Keep it up Fred…your videos rock! Peace out!

i love fred he so awesome and my favorite episode of his fred wants to be a star city of fred!!!!!!lol

omg omg i love fred eben though he talks weird and why doesnt judy love him fred remember im availble xoxoxoxoxo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


omg fred u r sooooooooo funny 😀

i luv watchin ur videos they rok!! 😉

even though u have funny voice u r wicked

me n mi cuzzies culd watch ur videos ova n ova agan


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Fred you are so funny. I watch your videos every day i go CRAZY For EM
Well peace out home dog

ps your videos ROCK!!!!

your awsome i love you . very funny too.

fred your cool and cute and i like your voice

hi its fred you probably thought this was jacob u loser its fred AHHH!!!!!! cabage how dare you read im going CRAZY! ha ha mint cherry chocalate huh ok ok ok ok ok ok stop im tired so i will might want to and have to say this bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee how many byes are in this the answer is 54or is it i just guested

wow fred in icarly? but fred is not natural blonde…and I have never seen him speak like a human being…but it’s fun!

fred IS naturally blond, I met him just a few days ago. Seriously.

I love freddie he is the best. He is really cute and i love him! I think he should totally end up going out with carly it will make all the lady viewers who like him (like me) jelous and it will be awsome!!!!!
I loooooove freddie!!!

Mrs Freddie

i like u so much please wright back to shelby mobley

hey fred its tre needing to tlk biz wit you wen you get tthis email me at

hey fred its tre needing to talk biz wit you wen you get this email me at

email me at needing to talk to you

I am the #1 iCarly fan in the whole entire world!!! I sware! I hate it when people say they are the biggest icarly fan cuz i am the REAL biggest fan. I pass all the iCarly fan quizes and i love iCarly! My name is Mary CUmpston, (age 12) and even right now as i type this, i am wearing an iCarlyT-shirt!!!! LUV u iCarly!
From your REAL BIGgest fan
I no this doesn’t go to iCarly, but who ever reads this, if u no iCarly, tell them about me!

fred is so funny

fred u suck u are not funny


Fred your cute but your not funny but i love u!

u r the best i can not beleve u wer on icorly

[…] Fred on iCarly | The Awesome Web ShowFeb 15, 2009 … “Why is Fred going to be on iCarly?” “Why is Fred’s webshow so messed-up?” “ Where can I find Fred’s videos?” I don’t know any of the answers … […]

ilove fred