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Now that you’ve experienced the webshow awesomeness of Fred on YouTube and Fred on iCarly, I bet you’re wondering (like us):

    “Can I buy a Fred t-shirt?”

    “Where can I get a Fred t-shirt?”

    “Do I need to be a rich internet superstar like Fred Figglehorn (aka Lucas Cruikshank) to afford one of those hackin’ cool shirts he wears in his videos?”

Well, we’ve got good news. Through the magic of the internet, and Fred’s ability to talk to cats, our cat Periwinkle has been offered the rare opportunity to host The Awesome Fred T-Shirt Store!

We know your brain is going crazy, but try to get ahold of yourself, ask your parents for permission (and credit card) and behold the wonder of Fred stuff. Oh, and if that “Buy” button makes you nervous; don’t worry, it just takes you to another page where you can pick sizes, prices, create a wish list etc…

Fred Red T-Shirt Fred Red T-Shirt

This red T-shirt has a black front screen featuring a cartoon image of Fred with his name above. 100% cotton. Wash cold. Dry low. Made in USA.

Listed in men’s sizes.

Fred Rabies Tee Fred Rabies Tee

This fitted blue tee features an image of Fred and says ”No offense to people who have rabies.” 50% cotton. 50% polyester. Wash cold. Dry low. Made in USA.

Fred Green T-Shirt Fred Green T-Shirt

This green T-shirt has a black front screen featuring a cartoon image of Fred with his name above. 100% cotton. Wash cold. Dry low. Made in USA.

Listed in men’s sizes.

Fred Medication T-Shirt Fred Medication T-Shirt

This light blue T-shirt has a front screen featuring Fred’s face, blue splatter and ”I need my medication!” 100% cotton. Wash cold. Dry low. Imported. Made in USA.

Fred Hey Tee Fred Hey Tee

Only available at Hot Topic, this super cute Fred tee is full color and lightweight, and features his screechiness in one of his trademark awkward poses. Heeeeey! 100% cotton. Wash warm. Dry low. Imported.

Fred T-Shirt Fred T-Shirt

This white T-shirt has a black front screen featuring a cartoon image of Fred with his name above. 100% cotton. Wash cold. Dry low. Made in USA.

Listed in men’s sizes.

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O YEA! i saw theese on fred’s website!!!!!!!! i like the fred hey tee. Also check out our webshow on

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okay can you message me if you find out they made a Fred Figglehorn bed set or something because me room theme it Fred. okay my e-mail is
thanx so much or just message me if theres other stuff made. thanx

hey. can you message me if you find out that they made a Fred Figglehorn bed set because my room theme is Fred and i cant find a bed set anywhere. im a huge fan of him and im trying to get all his t-shirts and pens and wristbands and stuff like that. well plz message me if you noe something. my e-mail is
thanx soooo much

Fred is AWESOMELY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

i love fred fred is so awsome!!!!!!!!!! i really want a fred t-shirt fred is so awsome. i hope fred reads this message i’m like his biggest fan really i at least have to watch one of his videos a day or i go carzy…. sometimes. omg i love the song christmas cash and christmas is creepy fred is soooooooooooo awsome i know i said that like three times but it is true fred is sooo awsome!
🙂 smiley face ok now i can’t stop talking about fred. fre fred fred fred!!!!!!!………… random srry i’m like obbsest with fred my mom said she might buy me a fred t- shirt i can’t wait i really want one i want his cd to.
cash money money money money …. sorry i was just sing christams cash well part of it ok i’m going to sing part of christmas is creepy now if a snowman came life that would be creepy if santa cluas snuck in my house that would be creepy ok i’m done wow this message is long that i wrote!! did i already mention that i hope fred reads this message? fred is flipping hacking awsome i saw a t- shirt that sadi that on it and the t- shirt is right he is awsome!! 🙂 this smiley face is so cute 🙁 :/ o_0 i love making smiley faces my favorite one’s are 0_o o_0 0_0 o_o 🙂 cute right!?! wow this message is really long but i’m not done yet! fred figglehorn!!!!!!!!!
to lucas aka fred figgle horn if he reads this message you know whats really weird i had a dream that we were best friends it was really weird my dreams are sooo weird i hope i get to meet you in person someday your sooo awsome who am i kidding fred aka lucas isn’t going to read this bye bye fred aka lucas!!!!!!!!!! fred!!!!! 😉 peace out homedogs!!!!

sorry i’m my other message i said carzy instead of crazy sorry about that bye you pll probly thnk i’m weird right and i know i’m weird ok

well i’m not that weird

opps i said sadi instead of said in my really long message i was typing fast and i messup a little bit srry 🙂

you seem slightly demented… but you have the same name as me so it makes it all better xD

I love fred too. But dont break your keyboard from typing so much ok? 🙂 btw your smileys are cool. 0_o

omg i love fred

OMG!! I got the red FRED shirt 2 days ago in the mall!!! It was only like $20!!! Fred is amazing!!!

i rele want the fred shirt in the light blue like on the show. any1 know where i can find it????

i got mine at FYI

i love fred he is so awsome i want his cd and t shirt i love fred. i love you fredyour awsome i love youre videos there so funny your voice sounds like alvin and the chickmunks.i hope you read this message bye . p.s.i wonder how you do that really funny voice.

ooooh that is so hackin’ cool;ooooooo <3

sooo totally kewl 8)…i love fred i saw this little gurl with a fred shirt and i waz all like o m g!!i need to get one =) im sooo asking for one for my bday or xmas they r soo close i dont know which one to ask for a fred shirt

HEY ITS FRED! oh, i mean me. XD i love fred on club penguin my penguin name is Mupapapam if u see me scream COOLIO MUPAPAPAM HEY! idk do tht if u want to add me lolz. umm *looks up* uh why is there a moldy waffle above my head o_0 IM SO RANDOM! anyways, i wish i could get tht shirt! OMGZ I WANT IT NOW GIMME IT NOW!I WISH I HAD A FRED SHIRT. i would be like so cool if on no uniform day at school i came in with a fred shirt! D:<

hey fred hope ur reading this cuz u rock
i hope i cud b in 1 of ur new videos or mayb another music video plzz answer thnxx fred

im 7 years old and i have an idea for your movie so hereit is.In your movie u shloud walk across a road andpretend u get hit by a car lol it would be soooofunny.