Justin Bieber Glass Door


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It seems Justin Bieber was so distraught by our recent Bieber Fever post and parodies that he’s now walking into glass doors…we’ll file this under Bieber FAIL and hope he’s alright!

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Who’s webshow is this and were did u get the word pwnd from

are you obssesd with justin bieber cause you sure do have alot of things about him

still good website it looks cool.

This is so freakin hilarious. I would rather his head get stuck instead of just a little bump!:)LOL! And if you want to see something awesome go on you tube and search Harry potter puppet pals! Whoever owns this site really needs to get that on here. There will be more viewers and subscribers.

uumm i love JB! why are you so mean about him? what did he do to u? 🙁 🙁 🙁

@tej: checkout Pwn at Wikipedia

@chris: no Bieber fever here…but our viewers like him and we’ve only had a couple JB posts so far. Thx for stopping by & tell ur friends this is where you find the best kids videos on the interwebs.

@lauren: actually, I thought we did a post on Harry Potter puppet pals already — that’s a funny one. We’ll do some checking!

@lauren: ahh…we did share puppet pals back in November of 2009. Click here to check it out again!

if you need any ideas go to this site!! 🙂

shake it off JB shake it off! lolzz.
im not a huge JB fan buh i think this is pretty freakin hilarious!

That is so cool!