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win a ninja

To ease the shock of waking up early and working late for school, after the 2010 Summer of Awesome; The Awesome Web Show is kicking off our Back to School Win a Ninja Contest. As much as we’d like to give away a real Ninja, we think there are laws against that, so we’re giving away the next best thing: “Super Epic Awesome FTW Ninjas with 1 Crazy-Odd Stitch”… ninjas

So, how do you win one of these “Super Epic Awesome FTW Ninjas with 1 Crazy-Odd Stitch”… ninjas?

    1) Watch our video below, showing how to make a Ninja Scruffie (Plush); just in case you don’t win one.
    2) Share a link to this contest ( far and wide, via twitter, buzz, facebook and other networks — every share counts as an entry.  The “Share and Enjoy” buttons above make it easy.  Note, if you share via a blog post of your own (not just a status update), that counts as two entries — but all sharing of this link must be searchable by google, facebook, twitter or other search tools (so we can actually find your entries).
    3) Write a comment on this post telling us where you shared this and provide the link.
    4) Repeat…multiple entries are encouraged!

One or more winners will be selected after September 30 by random drawing of all valid entries.

So what are you waiting for…get started by checking out the video below and sharing with your friends — you just might Win your very own Ninja!

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Hey DJ luv the ninja’s heres the links:

shared it in Buzz and my status 😀

shared in my status and blog

Same thing as SCB

In all thats 8 entries?

Dear DJ,

I hope you win! You are a very talented young lady! I loved your video and now I know how to make a ninja!

Lisa Dunlap
Hong Kong

She is an amazing seamstress. I can’t even imagine doing this at her age and her video is great. Her dialog never falters and the instructions are great. I vote for her to win.

Sorry DJ I cannot show you that I posted it being that I am on an iPhone 4 but I posted thrice. Check your buzz. I will email a snapshot of the entries to you.

yo! this website is totally sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!